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Baran Design Associates

The task of designing, provisioning, installing, programming and commissioning professional audio systems must be undertaken with full understanding of the acoustic environment that will encompass these systems. Baran Design Associates draws upon a roster of professionals with a wide range of experience in these seemingly disparate disciplibes in order to create both meaningful architectural acoustic analyses and purpose-built audio systems that insure the optimum delivery to the end user and/or audience.

Architectural Acoustic Consultant

In order to insure that the components and operation of an audio system meet the system specifications, the interface between the electrical audio system and acoustic environment must be quantified and included in the design process. Baran Design Associates offers acoustic consulting services that not only examine existing spaces but also model virtual spaces yet to be built. This ability to accurately predict and quantify the acoustic performance of any architectural environment gives the BDA consultants all of the needed data to design systems that perform efficiently in any space. Consultation is also available for theatrical operations, noise control, health and safety considerations and critical listening environments.

Audio System Design

The design and installation of modern audio delivery and processing systems now includes the configuration and programming of an ever growing body of multipurpose digital networks. Professional data and multimedia networking for production environments as well as commercial systems programming is offered by BDA designers. Macintosh, Unix/Linux and Windows-based systems along with proprietary programming for Crown, BSS Audio and other commercial platforms has become an integral part of the design and installation of BDA systems.

Scalable Acoustic and System Design

The background of the individual Associates and the past and present Baran Design Associates' project list serves as proof of BDA's ability to deliver projects of all sizes and scopes. Only the personnel needed for each project are allocated so that BDA can provide streamlined pricing for smaller projects as well as the required manpower for large projects. This provides a cost effective design team that interfaces with architects and designers for small corporate or high-end residential work as well as full service design, procurement, installation, programming and performance verification with construction management available at every stage for even the largest commercial or professional projects.